Dakota Free Bar Soap Sampler Pack

A economical way to experience the Dakota Free Difference and sample each of our three,100% natural, handmade bar soaps. Retail value of the soap if purchased separately is $17.97
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One each of the Dakota Free bar soaps; full size to give you the best price, packaged in glassine bags, and bundled decoratively with a raffia bow.

This sampler set offers you the opportunity to try or gift these exceptional handmade soaps.

The Dakota Free Soap Sampler contains one full size bar each of Dakota Free Organic Sunflower Soap, Dakota Free Pure Prairie Soap and Dakota Free Babassu Bar Soap.

Each bar is handmade, 100% natural and gluten-free. The three varieties of soap have their own unique qualities to offer and yet each is a delight to use.

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